How to Use This Site

This website is the online hub for Communities and Cultures of Media Fandom

Here you’ll find our schedule for the semester, links to readings and films, course policies and links to resources, discussion board, and so on. The menu in the sidebar includes dropdown pages; to access them, simply hover over one of the page titles, and if there are dropdown elements they will appear.

About: This heading includes a dropdown menu general information about course delivery and the platforms we’ll be using throughout the term. It also has information about me and, in particular, my office hours and various ways to contact me.

Schedule: This page has a comprehensive schedule of topics, readings, and screenings. It also has a table of deadlines and due dates. You can access course readings and (some) screenings here.

Weekly Padlets: This heading includes a dropdown menu for all Padlets. They are password-protected for privacy (the password is on the “Overview” page of our Collab site).

Policies: This heading includes a dropdown menu for specific course policies relating to participation guidelines, disability accommodations, academic honesty, and so on.

Assignments: This page includes a list of course assignments, with relative weights, and it has a link to the Assignments page on Collab

Resources: This heading includes a dropdown menu for links to academic/wellness resources available to you as a UVA student